The emerging standard of care in dentistry is the use of three dimensional x-ray studies that allow the doctor to collect extremely valuable diagnostic information in order to best plan and deliver patient care. i-CAT cone beam 3D imaging provides three-dimensional imaging that produces focused visualization of the temporomandibular joints and enhanced views for detection of airway restrictions. The advanced software system streamlines diagnosis and treatment planning by providing highly accurate imaging.

The i-CAT unit is fully open and has a short image capture time, so there is no need to worry if you feel anxious about tight, enclosed spaces. You can find comfort in both the open structure of the unit and the familiarity of our office. Furthermore, it emits very low levels of radiation. Aside from the physical comfort of this system, your doctor can share a visual diagnosis with you almost immediately. This will allow your doctor to better predict procedural outcome and you more confidence in your treatment plan.

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