Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic medical records, or EMR, are environmentally friendly, streamline care coordination and are more secure than traditional records. Off-site backup ensures that your records are safe in the event of a natural disaster. It’s estimated that only approximately 20% of American medical and dental offices employ fully integrated digital systems; we pride ourselves on being part of that percentage. Our patients appreciate our efforts to reduce paper waste and protect their medical and dental history.

Dexis Digital X-Rays

Digital technology allows our doctors and dental team to use X-rays in ways never before imagined. This advanced technology is safer and more comfortable than standard film x-rays, and provides images of superior diagnostic quality that can be enhanced or highlighted in areas of concern to display greater detail.

There is no need to wedge uncomfortable film between your teeth and gums or wait around for negatives to develop; with our Dexis digital x-ray system we use small electronic sensors that send a crystal-clear image of your teeth to our computer monitor almost instantly! Our computer system allows us to archive and compare x-rays taken at each recare visit to detect even the slightest change in the appearance of your teeth. This means problems may be caught sooner, when they are easier and less expensive to treat.

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