Laser dentistry provides patients with a more comfortable and pleasing dental experience. Laser technology enable your doctor to control concentrated light beams with pinpoint accuracy during dental procedures, resulting in minimal tissue damage, less pain and discomfort, and much faster healing and recovery times. It increases treatment outcome predictability and results in stunning aesthetics.

There are several benefits to receiving a laser therapy dental treatment.

  • Laser treatments often require only local anesthetic and the recovery time is much quicker than with traditional treatment methods.
  • Treatments are more comfortable and over the counter pain medication will control any discomfort, if present.
  • Lower chance of bacterial infection in comparison to traditional techniques. This is due to both precision and the process of ablation.

There are two different types of laser dentistry: hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue includes treatments such as cavity detection, dental fillings, and tooth sensitivity improvements. Soft tissue treatments include gum reshaping and frenectomies.

Procedures such as removing benign oral tumors, regenerating nerves, overcoming sleep apnea, whitening teeth, and treating TMD are also considered laser dentistry treatments.

At Central Dental, we are proud to offer a number of laser dental procedures that will help ease the anxiety, discomfort, and recovery times associated with traditional alternatives. To learn more about laser dentistry and how you may benefit from a laser treatment, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment.

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