Infection Control

At Central Dental we taken infection control and your safety, as well as our own, seriously. We wear a fresh pair of latex free gloves while providing care for each patient. The gloves are used once and then discarded. We use eye protection, gowns, and masks for procedures during which there may be an aerosol spray or splatter of potentially infectious materials.

All instruments that are to be reused are properly cleaned according to the most current infection control protocol appropriate to dentistry. The State Dental Board requires biological monitoring, or spore testing, of sterilization machines monthly; however, we regularly test them weekly. Instruments are then placed in pouches and sterilized. The pouches are opened and sterilized instruments are then removed in the presence of the patient as they are needed for a dental procedure.

When possible, we purchase single-use only, disposable items, which are properly discarded after one use. The cost of disposable items is greater than the cost of reusable dental products and instruments; however, the value associated with peace of mind outweighs the expense.

The dental handpieces have always been disinfected and sterilized according to the manufacturers’ directions. All handpieces are sterilized after each use. Each year, we spend thousands of dollars on new handpieces and on repairing handpieces damaged by the sterilization process.

We are unwilling to compromise your health and our health by not following proper infection control guidelines. We follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines (for the employee and workplace) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines (for the patient).

Radiation Control

We are very concerned with radiation safety. Appropriate protective lead shields are always provided to you while we take your radiographs of your teeth or jaw. Our team works around radiograph units all day, every day so we have a vested interest in taking only necessary radiographs for both your health and ours. Rest assured that the only radiographs we recommend are those we need in order to accurately diagnose and treat.

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