Do you have cracked, chipped or stained teeth? Maybe you have a small, bothersome gap between your teeth or teeth that don’t match in shape or size. If so, dental bonding may be a suitable for you. Bonding is an exceptionally effective and cost efficient approach to correct these issues and provide you with a dazzling smile.

Dental bonding is one of the most requested procedures in our office; it can be used to repair or reshape chipped and cracked teeth. It can even conceal severely stained teeth. The procedure can be completed in one simple visit and is relatively painless. Bonding isn’t as durable as crowns or porcelain veneers, but with proper care they can last approximately three to seven years.

Bonding is one of the most conservative cosmetic procedures available in dentistry because it requires very little alteration to the natural tooth. Priming the tooth and applying a special liquid compound that enables the bonding material to adhere is far less invasive than the removal of tooth structure that is required during preparation for crowns and veneers.

There is an art to dental bonding when it comes to shade and shape. Ensuring the composite material is as close to the color of the adjacent teeth is all important. It takes years to master the art of matching the shade and then cosmetically shaping the bonding material. Once the composite is applied to the tooth it is then buffed and polished so that cracks, chips and discoloration are no longer visible to the naked eye. When it comes to reshaping a tooth or hiding a gap between teeth the bonding material is applied, trimmed, shaped and polished to be symmetrical with the adjacent, corresponding natural teeth.

Cosmetic bonding has transformed the smiles of many of our patients. If you are interested in the stunning results that can be achieved with this procedure call our office and request a consultation today.

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