Many people define a beautiful smile as one that is straight, white and symmetrical. Very few come by such a smile naturally; luckily, there is help for the rest of us! Orthodontic treatment, or braces, is a common solution for this problem; however, there are situations where it may not be possible or desirable to use braces to straighten teeth. Recontouring is occasionally all that is necessary to significantly improve your appearance. In select cases, the appearance of the upper and lower teeth can be slightly or dramatically improved by recontouring, or reshaping, the enamel and/or gum tissue.

Enamel recontouring is simple and painless; it does not weaken the teeth and does not increase the risk of decay or temperature sensitivity. This procedure is useful when there is slight to moderate overlapping of the front teeth, uneven wear, or teeth that do not meet harmoniously. One or several teeth may require some reshaping, and to different degrees, depending on your individual needs. Other times, when there is significant misalignment, it may be done in conjunction with a bonding procedure.

Tissue recontouring may be the treatment of choice if you have a “gummy” smile, your teeth look too short or there are noticeable asymmetries in the height of the gums. This excessive tissue can have the appearance of malformed, underdeveloped, or weakened teeth; and can detract from your appearance even if you enjoy good oral health and a straight, uniform, bright white smile. Gum lifting, or reshaping, is performed in the office and involves removing excess gum tissue and/or reshaping the gums with a laser. This advanced technology allows us to modify the gum tissue safely, quickly and with minimal discomfort for a more natural-looking smile. Slight, short-term tooth sensitivity may occur after the procedure; however, postoperative discomfort is usually minor. Significant improvement in your smile can often be achieved in one convenient visit.

Your dentist will use years of experience in combination with refined skills and a keen artistic ability to determine whether enamel or gum tissue can be removed, bonding material must be added, or if orthodontics is the treatment of choice. The fees are often reasonable and depend on the extent and complexity of the treatment desired.

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