Dentures are intended to replace a full arch of missing teeth to recreate a lost smile as well as restore function, overall appearance and self-confidence. Unfortunately, they don’t always deliver their intended results. If they don’t fit correctly, dentures can be quite embarrassing! Loose dentures can shift, or even fall out, while you’re eating or talking. This leads to comfort issues, as well. When your dentures shift around while you chew, mouth sores, and painful ulcerations may develop from the friction. Additionally, your diet may become limited because you will not be confident or able to eat foods that require a large amount of chewing.

Do you want to eat what you want or what you can?

You may think that creating comfortable, well fitting dentures that are aesthetically pleasing is easy, but it actually takes a combination of great skill and communication between your dentist and an experienced dental laboratory technician. Constructing natural, stunning dentures that deliver comfort and function is one of the most difficult tasks in dentistry. It’s not just about replacing missing teeth; it’s also compensating for bone loss and, very often, sunken facial profiles which can prematurely age a patient up to ten years. Careful, calculated consideration of each individual’s anatomy is essential for outstanding results to be gained in this delicate area.

You can look 10 years younger, eat well, and feel great with fabulous, natural looking Lifestyle Dentures that are custom designed and personally hand-crafted by David Howell, a clinical dental technician, who has been making high quality dentures alongside Dr. Edward Passini for over 18 years. Together they have an approximate total of 77 years experience in removable dentistry. Central Dental is proud to offer some of the most up-to date techniques and materials in an on-site dental laboratory that routinely provides same day service.

When you visit Central Dental, your doctor will evaluate your oral health and determine if you have sufficient bone to retain your dentures. An implant supported denture treatment method may be recommended depending upon your individual needs and preferences. This method includes three to four strategically placed dental implants that allow your denture incredible stability.

Bye-bye embarrassing denture malfunctions and gooey denture adhesive!

Implant supported dentures provide the added bonus of promoting bone retention, which allows you to stay healthier and appear youthful longer. You’ve tried the rest…now it’s time to experience the best with Central Dental’s high quality, custom-fabricated Lifestyle Dentures!

Immediate Dentures

As much as we strive to save natural teeth, sometimes the loss of a tooth or several teeth is unavoidable due to injury, infection or decay. Central Dental is proud to offer immediate dentures that can be delivered at the time of your extractions saving you the embarrassment of visibly missing teeth. With careful planning, our on-site laboratory allows us the ability to provide same-day service whenever needed.

There is an approximation of the fit for immediate dentures as the impressions are taken prior to the removal of the teeth. The immediate denture will be inserted the same day the teeth are removed. You won’t be able to determine the comfort of the denture or the feel of the bite at this time as you will be numb and swollen from the procedure and local anesthetic. You should expect several appointments during the healing period as the swelling goes down and the denture base settles. Your bite will change and need to be readjusted. The more teeth removed at the time the immediate denture is delivered, the longer it will take to heal and the more sore spots you will have.

Once the gum tissue has healed and the remaining tissue ridges reach their final shape, approximately three to six months after extraction, the denture base will need a reline. The extra reline material will fill in the space between the denture base and the new position of the soft tissue. The longer you age with no teeth the smaller the bones in the jaw become. The base of your denture does not change along with the jaw changes, so a periodic reline is necessary.

Furthermore, it is possible that after many years of missing teeth, the bone on which the denture sits becomes so small that it is difficult, if not impossible, for a denture to remain properly in place. Dental implants may help retain the denture and prevent further bone loss.

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