Central Dental offers a fully equipped on-site dental laboratory managed by master dental technician, David Howell. He and Dr. Edward Passini have been transforming smiles together for more than 18 years! Other offices may have an on-site laboratory, but this long-term working relationship is what truly sets us apart.

At Central Dental, you are more than a laboratory order form; you are an individual with unique needs and preferences that must be met. We are able to meet your needs, match your preferences, and maintain the highest level of quality through a true team based approach. That team consists of the dentist, the dental technician and, most importantly, YOU!

In many other dental practices, standard procedure is to outsource laboratory work to other companies manned by technicians who have absolutely no direct contact with the patient and very little indirect contact with the doctor. While outsourcing may be convenient and less expensive for the dental office it has numerous disadvantages for the patient. These disadvantages include:

  • Longer wait times for custom dental appliances. These wait times may be multiplied in the event of an error on the original lab order or a mistake during fabrication.
  • Quality control may be compromised as the dentist cannot oversee the fabrication of denture, partial, TMJ appliance, etc.
  • The likelihood of error increases as laboratory orders are rushed through high-volume, high-production environments.

We decided long ago that this was unacceptable for Central Dental’s patients. That’s why we operate our own state-of-the-art on-site dental lab, staffed by experienced and highly trained professionals dedicated solely to serving Central Dental clientele. David, our lead technician, has over thirty-five years of experience in his field, and has created thousands of perfectly fitted partials, dentures, custom fabricated TMJ appliances, and other specialty items for our patients. He and his associates work in a state of the art laboratory environment, using the highest quality materials and the latest in precision tools and equipment. Our dental lab is directly supervised by our doctors. The result is a consistently outstanding level of quality and service. Thanks to our onsite dental lab, Central Dental patients experience:

  • Faster Turnaround – As soon as a partial, denture, custom fabricated TMJ appliance, or other appliance is needed, measurements and specifications are provided directly to our lab technicians for immediate attention. David is available onsite during all procedures requiring lab work, and is ready to provide fabrication or adjustment services as soon as they are required. As a result, appliances are complete in about half the time that is routinely required elsewhere – and with twice the quality. Our on-site laboratory allows us to provide same day denture service. Central Dental patients do not have to leave our office without teeth!
  • Exceptional Quality Control – The on-site laboratory at Central Dental is directly overseen by our dentists, who ensure that all aspects of operation meet the highest possible quality standards. All of our appliances are custom fabricated using only materials that meet or exceed the American Dental Association’s recommended specifications.
  • Fewer Errors – Your dentist has the ability to consult with our master lab technician many times throughout the course of treatment. This streamlined communication in combination with direct oversight of your appliance as it is being fabricated means that the finished product will precisely match your lab prescription.
  • Higher Satisfaction – Central Dental is consistently able to provide the highest quality of products and services because our on-site lab is directly involved with our patients and practice at all levels. We provide superior service in less time and with less hassle for our patients. Central Dental appliances look great, feel great, and fit great because that is what our patients deserve.
  • Increased Comfort – Impressions are a much more comfortable experience for patients with a sensitive gag reflex thanks to our iTero digital impression system.
  • Premium Product – David’s superb craftsmanship and artistry can be seen in every patient’s smile. Good luck trying to find his work because his smiles look so natural you cannot tell them apart!
  • Superior Support – Our lab technicians are available during office hours to make sure that the shape, shade, and contour of all dental work fits properly and is custom made to the patient’s unique specifications
  • Greater Convenience – We understand that restoring your smile quickly will keep you looking and feeling great. Most difficult cases are pre-planned with our master lab technician. This allows us to anticipate problem areas before we begin which translates into fewer appointments and less inconvenience for you. Adjustments can also be completed quickly and usually do not require additional appointments. Our lab technicians are available to make changes as needed, often on the same day or even within less than one hour. This means you can leave our office smiling with confidence!
  • Stunning Aesthetics – David, our master dental technician, can consult with you and your dentist at the time of your appointment to ensure beautiful results. He is almost always available when your appliance is delivered to make any necessary adjustments immediately and ensure that the results are exquisite. Our patients love being able to communicate their expectations directly to the doctor and the lab technician; and we love that there is an entire team working to provide them results they expect and deserve!
  • Same-Day Repairs – If you break or damage your partial or denture, we can often repair them while you wait. At Central Dental, we understand the embarrassment that comes with going without your partial or denture. Not to mention, your smile is a direct reflection of the care and service we provide; when your smile looks bad…we look bad. We take pride in what we do and care for our patients as we would wish to be cared for ourselves. We offer speedy repairs so you can get back to living life with a beautiful, confident smile!
  • Unrivaled Service – We understand that although we provide dentistry daily it is likely very foreign and new to you. Our commitment is to never lose sight of the importance of thorough patient education and quality customer service. We practice the “Golden Rule” and treat our patients as we would like to be treated. You don’t have to take our word for it though; check out what our patients having been saying about us!

Our on-site dental lab is an integral part of Central Dental’s commitment to providing every patient with the optimal dental care experience they deserve. It differentiates us from other offices that are at the mercy of outside dental laboratory schedules, indirect communication, and unpredictable workmanship. We invite you to come visit us; we feel confident that you’ll leave smiling!

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